How do I schedule a tour?

Simply give us a call at (254)939-OAKS (6257). We're in-office on property Monday through Friday from 10 am- 5 pm.

You may also email If emailing please include a few times when you're available. In consideration of our clients we are unable to conduct tours during booked event rentals. Generally our events are on weekends and evenings, but availability may also be limited during office hours as well. 

How do I calculate my total venue cost?

The sum of these four items will equal your total contract value:

  1. Venue Rental Rate

    • This rate is variable based on which venue, date, and package you have chosen. 

  2. Conditionally Refundable Facility Deposit

    • This deposit is designed for incidental damage, excessive cleanup, or exceeding the contracted rental time. 

    • Refundable deposits will be processed within 30 days following the event

  3. Security Personnel

    • Cathedral Oaks Staff will schedule an off-duty Belton Police Officer for all events onsite.

    • Security is required for all events and staffing will be based upon the anticipated number of guests in attendance. 

  4. Optional Upgrades

    • While our rental packages are "one size fits most" there are also a few additional items you may opt for like upgraded chairs, audio-visual needs, or extra time. With our transparent approach you'll know up front what's included and what options are available, without any hidden fees. 

Please refer to our rates and general provisions here

Are there any special rates for holiday rentals?

For some holidays, or holiday weekends, additional venue rental or elevated security rates may apply. If inquiring about a holiday date please contact our offices via phone, email, or at your tour for your customized quote.

How do I secure my date?

To save the date we will need to receive all pages of your signed contract and payment.

To reserve Cathedral Oaks Event Center, a payment equal to the greater of $1000 or 25% of the total contract value is required. 

To reserve Magnolia House, a payment equal to the greater of $500 or 25% of the total contract value is required.

* Increased minimum down payments may apply to reservations made less than six months prior to the event date. 

When is my balance due?

The remaining balance is due on the first day of the sixth month prior to the event date. Monthly installment plans are also available.


How do I make a payment?

We accept cash, check, cashiers check, money order, and all major credit and debit cards. 

A 4.0% processing fee will apply to all card transactions.

Our physical address and mailing address are both 1312 Waco Road Belton, TX 76513. A secure after-hours drop box is also available at our office. 


What is your vendor policy and are there vendor fees?

We are fortunate to have an excellent network of local Central Texas event professionals that we will gladly refer you to. Upon contracting, a complete vendor list will be provided for your reference. Whether you choose a vendor on or off our list, no vendor fees apply. 

What times are covered in my rental?

Dependent upon the package that you select, rentals will include 7 or 12 consecutive hour blocks of time. You may set your hours at any window of time you prefer. Rentals beginning as early as 9 am and concluding as late as midnight are considered standard times. Access prior to 9 am or after midnight may also be available. Additional rates may apply.

When can I schedule rehearsal?

Rehearsals may be conducted within the hours you've booked for access to the venue, also known as the "contracted rental allotment". Many clients like to have rehearsal on the day prior to the event. Bookings of two consecutive days in the same venue will receive discounted rates. Bookings to include The Magnolia House at Cathedral Oaks for day 1 and Cathedral Oaks Event Center for day 2 can also offer cost effective options. We offer partial day, 7-hour rentals at Magnolia House Sunday- Friday, and at Cathedral Oaks Monday- Thursday. Looking for a lesser amount of time? At 30 days prior to the event date we can book additional hours on consecutive days, as an add-on to your rental, with two hour minimums booked at the hourly rental rate. 

What is your alcohol policy?

Cathedral Oaks welcomes client-provided or vendor-provided alcoholic beverages including liquor, beer, or wine. Cash bars or hosted bars are permitted by the venue and must operate in compliance with state laws. All alcohol must be served by a TABC certified bartender. Self-service, the service of minors (with or without a legal guardian or spouse consent), shots, and straight liquor without mixers are not permitted by policy of Cathedral Oaks. *A copy of the full policies on alcohol will be provided to you upon contracting. 


What about scheduling portraits?

For clients of Cathedral Oaks or The Magnolia House at Cathedral Oaks, one two-hour portrait session may be included with your rental. Non-clients may rent the facilities for portraits at a rate of $125/ hour with a two hour minimum. Portrait sessions must be scheduled with Cathedral Oaks staff. To confirm availability please contact our offices.


If you have any additional questions or need any further guidance, please feel free to contact us at (254-)939-OAKS

or send us a message here.

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